Your passengers can now tip you using their mobile

tippmee has created a genius idea to get you loads more tips!
Passengers can now scan your unique QR code or tap your NFC tag in your personalised card to pay you tips during the journey via Apple Pay, Google Pay, Debit/Credit card. 
We take a 1% transaction fee and pay out every Friday directly into your bank account.
Your personalised card can be placed anywhere in your car (we provide some velcro). Your card is a much more subtle way of letting your passengers know that you take cashless tips. 
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Your card is personalised to you and is connected to your bank account.

Your card will be posted to your address used in the sign up form.
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How it works
We provide you with a unique QR code and NFC tag.
Clients scan your QR code or tap your NFC tag.
They tip you.
You can login at anytime and check your balance.
We pay you every Friday