How it works
We provide you with a unique QR code and NFC tag
People scan your QR code or tap your NFC tag
They tip you
You can login at anytime and check your balance
We pay you

Phone Compatibility

All new iPhones will scan a QR Code using the camera (iPhone 11,12, 13, 14 Pro / Max) + new Android phones (Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Google)
All new Android phones will tap an NFC tag (Samsung, HTC, Huawei, Google) + (iPhone 12, 13, 14 Pro / Max)

Fees & charges 

tippmee fees start at 1% per transaction, lower than any other cashless payment solution up to 5%.
You can login to your account anytime to check your balance. 
All tips collected throughout the week are paid out every Friday morning (Transfer fee is 20p regardless of the amount of tips collected) This is a Payment Platform Partner fee.
You can use our 'Express Transfer' service if you want your funds transferred instantly. This can be found in your account (Transfer fee is 50p)
There are Payment Platform Partner and Bank charges that are added to all tips, these are clearly added to the total tip and are paid by customers (average 1% and 20p regardless of the tip amount)