Your customers can now tip you with their mobiles 

Every time you deliver to the door you deserve a tip for your hard work!
tippmee provides you with your personalised QR code on 300 stickers for just £12. Your QR Code is connected directly to your bank account. 
So, slap a sticker on every bag you deliver and start getting more tips from your customers. 
Tips are paid by scanning your unique QR Code via mobile using (Apple Pay/Google Pay/Debit & Credit cards). 
All your tips collected throughout the week are paid into your bank account every Friday at 6am.
Customers can tip you from inside their homes! 
Some riders are making £100 + per month...........

Slap, Scan & Tip

Order your stickers
300 Stickers account
Your 300 stickers are white round self adhesive 51mm (each printed with your unique QR Code)
One off Payment
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Please allow approx 7 days for delivery. Stickers are delivered to the address used in the sign up. £1.50 shipping
How it works
We provide you with a unique QR code
Customers scan your QR code inside their homes
They tip you
You can login at anytime and check your balance
We pay you every Friday
What riders are saying
Food Delivery Courier
Great service, thanks tippmee
Food Delivery Courier
I make good money from this
Food Delivery Courier
Really good idea, its great to have the extra money
Food Delivery Courier
Every time I deliver food I slap a sticker on, it really adds up!